Salt of the Earth Giclée Printers


What is giclée?

A printing process using specially coated papers/canvas and pigment inks.


Do giclée prints fade?

Not under normal conditions.


How do you pronounce 'Giclée'?

Try "gee-clay" and you'll be pretty close.


What is a Limited Edition?

A commitment to produce no more than a set number of prints.


How big should a Limited Edition be?

There is no limit, but the smaller the number the more 'exclusive' the prints are.


What price should I charge for my prints?

There is no set price, but make sure you cover your costs.


Where can I sell my prints?

Anywhere; Galleries, events, art shows, pop-ups, online.


How big can I print?

For the best results stick to the size of your original.


Printing my art, what should I look out for?

A quality fine art printer with a proven track record.


What's the best way to print art?

Currently, the giclée process delivers the best results.


Can you print on canvas?

Yes, but if you plan to stretch the canvas, allow for enough material.


What is ArtSure?

It's a fine art print registration system the ensures the best quality prints.


Are giclée prints the best?

Yes, for lots of reasons; they don't fade, the range of colours and the detailed reproduction..


Do fine art prints sell?

Yes, they are becoming more popular than 'originals'.


Do art prints fade?

Yes, if they are not giclée printed.


Can you make my photos bigger?

Yes, by using 'fractal' software there is no significant loss of picture quality.


What’s the best file format for images?

For printing, TIFF or PSD.


Who invented giclée?

No one. Several people claim to have created the name. Nash Editions is most likely.


Can I have just one giclée print?

Yes, prints are produced individually.


Can any printer do giclée?

No, only those designed to produce giclée prints can achieve the quality.