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Frequently Asked Questions

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Can you scan large artworks?

Yes we can. Our custom scanner enable us to scan up to 1m square (39" square), and we do this at high-resolution 48bit.


Do giclée prints fade?

Not under normal conditions. Unlike normal prints, giclée printing uses 'archival' materials - the inks are pigment based and the paper is generally 100% cotton and mould-made.


How do you pronounce 'Giclée'?

Try "gee-clay" and you'll be pretty close.


What is the largest size you can print?

It's 112cm by 346cm (44" x 136")


Can you print on canvas?

Yes, we have two types of canvas available - matt and lustre, but if you plan to 'stretch' the canvas you need to allow for extra material to go around the sides and back of the frame.


Is it best to scan or photograph art?

Scanning normally proves best because it captures the art at the same size as the original and can do so at high-resolution. Also, there is no risk of lens barrel distortion or image softening at the edges. But the main benefit is in the amount of picture information that can be captured by scanning. The level of detail and colour range is much higher with scanning.


Can I have just one print?

That's the advantage of giclée printing, every print is individually made, so a single print is ok.


Do you print cards from artwork?

Yes, you can have greetings cards, postcards or any other type of card. We can also supple envelopes and cell bags.


Do you give discounts for quantities of prints?

Yes, if you order five or more prints from a single image you get a 10% discount.


Can you print 'Gold'?

We can't print a metallic gold, but we can simulate the effect. We can do the same for bronze, silver and chrome. But you have to bear in mind that the 'shine' of metallics is actually a reflection of light, its not a colour per se..


What printer do you use?

We have an Epson 9880 and use Epson Ultrachrome K inks. We print at 1440 and only in a single direction for accuracy and control over the  printer head. The printer has custom computer calibrated profiles for each of our substrates.


How many inks does your printer use?

We have eight inks in total, all RGB. The main benefit to this format are the three blacks: matt black, light black and light, light black, which ensures a continuous 'grey-scale' to create all the variations in colours.


Can you scan at 48bit?

Yes, we always scan at this colour depth as it gives us much more scope when mastering (adjusting) the print to match the original. We also scan at 4x sample rate to ensure there are no technical anomalies in the scan.


Do you send prints 'flat'?

Our 'classic 1' size prints can be safely sent flat. We have special packaging to keep them flat. Larger than this size we roll the print and ship it in a sturdy tube for safe handling. Prints will lay flat out of the tube, it just takes a day or so.


Can you send prints direct to my client?

Yes, we offer our SendDirect service where your package is labelled 'Your print(s) for Your Name' and included is a compliments slip from you.


Can you print Digital Art?

Yes, but speak to us first about the format and size of your work. We have software that helps scale your work without loosing the detail/quality.


Can you scan Pastels?

Yes, but we prefer you to 'fix' them first. This is because some of your pastel could offset onto the scan table. Pastels reproduce very well in print and we recommend printing onto Photo Rag for the best result.