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Professional, High Quality Fine Art Giclee Printing Services

At Salt of the Earth we offer Fine Art giclee printing services for fine art, digital artist and photography throughout the UK and Europe. Fine Art giclee prints enable artists and photographers to achieve the highest possible standards of reproduction and have prints that will last a lifetime. The secret lies in the pigment inks and archival materials used. These produce prints that won’t fade and will retain their richness of colour, lightfastness and integrity. Every print is individually produced and checked before despatch.


We also have the only large format Extron scanner in the UK which enables us to scan large artworks in high-resolution and at 48bit colour to produce the highest quality prints.


Giclee printing has become the accepted method for producing high-quality Fine Art prints and Salt of the Earth is an award-winning and Fine Art Trade Guild ‘Accredited’ printer that is internationally recognised for its ability to achieve the closest match between original and prints, both in colour and detail.


The attention to detail is also vital for the fine art photographer. With the ever increasing interest in photography for decor, particularly ‘black and white’ images, the need for large, high-quality prints on fine art paper or canvas can only be achieved with giclee printing. The level of service required is the same for Digital Artists, where the ability to deliver high-resolution prints from computer-created art turns screen art into pictures of the quality to proudly hang on a wall.


Whether you’re an artist, photographer or digital artist, a fast turnaround service is important, particularly if you plan to sell your work. At Salt of the Earth we try to turn every giclee print order around within 48 hours. To speed things up more, if you need to send a print on, we offer our SendDirect service where we send your order direct to your customer. Just one of our services to help you with the practical issues of selling prints.


At Salt of the Earth we have been producing fine art giclee prints for Artists, Photographers and Digital Artists since 2003 and are proud to have been one of the UK’s leading Fine Art giclee printers for many years and an accredited ArtSure giclee printer.


We provide help and advice to artists seeking to sell prints of their work, and to photographers exploring the potential of fine art photography.


We also digitally restore, repair and print old photos, slides and printed documents, plus we can provide large format printing.


Salt of the Earth is located in Dorset, on the borders to Wiltshire and Somerset.


Unit 5, The Wincombe Centre, Wincombe Business Park, Shaftesbury, Dorset, SP7 9QJ